Attending the Video Game Awards Show

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Video Game Awards Show – what an experience. Filmed live, and so many talented people participating. It was held at Sony Pictures Studio, another lot behind a security gate. It was a bit tricky finding the correct entrance, but once we did things went smoothly…until I reached the metal detector. They had to wand me down. I expect this is because of buying my bra at Nordstrom. Why might I guess this? Because I had to be patted down at the airport on the way to LA – and the TSA woman who they called over to execute the said pat down asked if I had bought my bra at Nordstrom, which causes the sensors to go off (underwire?).  Nothing like a frisk before a live show to get the adrenalin pumped. The host was Zachary Levi, who by the way, did a great job of funniness without getting too corny. I had no idea he was the one who played Chuck…on Chuck! Other stars had appearances:, LL Cool J, Felicia Day, Kevin Jonas, Seth Green, Shigeru Miyamoto, Tony Hawk, Hulk Hogan, Stacy Keibler, Charlie Sheen, Hideo Kojima, and musical performances by Black Keys and Deadmau5. Felicia Day was absolutely charming and I think she stole the show, even if most of her performance was behind stage! I felt floating on cloud nine to have front row seats to such a fun event. Thanks MTV!

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