Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game

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JH is a collector of action figures. I am not. I’m not a collector of anything really, unless you count some of my tea accoutrements. So when he started purchasing X-wing game miniatures and our home was invaded by boxes of various ships from Star Wars my reaction was a bit alarmed. Lucky for me, it turned out each one of those ships added to the game play of a fun time.

We began with the starter kit and basic rules. Learning the mechanics took two games, and once we understood those, we added in the more complicated rules. As the additional rules joined the mix, the game play felt more balanced.

While purchasing extra ships might look steep (~$15 for an expansion) the additional cards provide opportunity to incorporate layers of strategy by adding a new model, new pilot cards, ability cards, equipment cards, and token templates.

We found playing with four people (make sure to have an extra starter kit and purchasing extra dice sets is a nice to have too) to be extremely fun. I highly recommend investing in this game, and I foresee more reviews as we play with friends this coming year.


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  1. Jonhenry says:

    Imperial Aces is slated for release soon. Hopefully those Imperial Guard pilots will give the Empire some needed aid. (:

  2. Vasco says:

    Interesting testimony. Since I first laid my eyes on X Wing Miniatures game on a local store, being a SW fan and all, I instantly loved the models and thought of them for both collecting purpose and playing. Not sure how I would solve the “with who” part of it (none of my friends plays it), but it didn’t matter. I was in love. So last Xmas I bought myself the starter kit and most expansions. Played a couple of times with my wife (Lambda class shuttle is her favorite), but for her this board/miniature game universe is unknown territory and still “too complex” for her liking. I guess it requires a bit of native curiosity and appreciation for artwork and unique game mechanics. So I’m guessing it won’t stick that much back at home.

    • chenelle says:

      Hi Vasco! I’m glad you got a chance to play with your wife…I wonder…she might be more engaged playing with another couple. We’ve had a lot of fun pulling in other folks and teaching it to them. Girls vs. guys has been a hoot, and it’s nice to strategize with your fellow teammate. (We do this by flashing the dial move across the table to the teammate, but keeping it from the opposition’s line of site)

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