Salish Lodge Surprise

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How lovely, we spent two wonderful nights tucked away at the Salish Lodge. Fireplace in the room, large jet tub, and all the food we could want at our fingertips. The restaurants were delicious, but I recommend The Attic over the main dinning room; I preferred the menu and the live music. JH tricked me for sure, when we got in the car he told me to prepare for a five hour drive, then when we headed east he said, “OK, you ready for the third best bed and breakfast in Spokane?” I was like, “What? No way you are taking me to Spokane for my birthday…where are we really going?” He just laughed and wouldn’t tell me. Then we were there in a blink, twenty-five minutes later. I sure love him, he does the nicest things for me. Oh yeah, and our room looked out over the falls!

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