Penny-Arcade Meeting

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Today has been an incredible day. First of all, the interview I had – I’ve been offered the position and I accepted. It will be with an amazing group in the Xbox world – working on top secret type stuff as usual so I won’t be able to share anything on my blog. At least nothing work related, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to say how wonderful the people are I get to work with…and how fun. It’s going to be a change of pace from what I do now, in that for the past five years I have been working with external partners, now I will be working all with internal folks. I will miss my partners, as I have developed some tight bonds, some whom I worked with on a daily basis. I will be cheering them on from afar and can’t wait to see the exciting games they produce. My new start date is in a few weeks.

The other news is today I had a meeting with Penny-Arcade folks over at their offices. We are starting a new project, which I can’t reveal right now as it’s still in the infancy stage…but once things are moving and shaking I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is JH and I’s birthday celebration with friends, also can’t wait for that either. So much good stuff I feel like I could fly.

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