Pouting Firemen

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My ankle is acting up; enough time passed I thought it would be healed already. So annoying. I fell while at the EMP Horror exhibit. My ankle rolled, painfully. Yeah, not exactly graceful and smooth I ended up crumpled to the floor in pain on the stairs down to the exhibit. It was not a dignified moment. The manager came over and was fretful. It would have been nice if he was concerned for the pain I was feeling, but I am pretty sure it was more of a concern if I would sue. Not to be ungrateful, I will mention they did give me and all my friends’ free tickets to the exhibit. JH had to bound back up to me since he was ahead of the pack trying to get into line for tickets. I wish I could take credit…but my ankle has a mind of its own and took over. Luckily, Amy was there to comfort me through the pain, and then JH made sure I got ice on it right away. The firemen who were called to the scene (yes, at least five big hunky firemen) were disappointed when they found out I didn’t need to be rushed immediately to the hospital. Never seen a group of grown men pout before, it was comical. JH almost felt bad enough to send me off with them. That was a while ago, and it still will swell up when I spend too much time on my feet. And today it’s rather painful, so going to keep it propped the rest of the night.

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