Full Circle Farms

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Today I pick up my Full Circle Farms box of veggies and fruit. Since I’ve learned of my citrus allergy it’s increasingly important for me to put in substitutes – swapping out oranges or tomatoes for items I can eat. I love Full Circle Farms…they are an organic farm in Washington, and while their boxes supplement with California produce, or produce from Oregon, it’s all organic. They have a cute little newsletter included in the box, which also has recipes. Granted I’ve only made one recipe so far…but I like the fact they take the time to include it. Also, they deliver to my work, so I just pick it up on my way home. There are only two challenges to this bi-weekly delivery: one, to wash and put away everything right away so it’s ready to go when we want to eat it…and two, to eat everything before it spoils. If you live in Pacific Northwest I recommend considering ordering organic boxes of veggies and fruit.

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