Shadows Beneath – an anthology with behind the scenes

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I’m a couple of weeks into my new class at the UW. It wasn’t what I expected to take this year, but I’m trying to get every bit of learning I can from it. This week I’ll get back a workshop piece I turned in the previous¬†week. Frightening to receive feedback, and yet, is an important part of the process. If I can’t get a thicker skin then I will have a tough time improving my writing. I can only get so far, before I need outside feedback. Something I learned during my Xbox days, which I’m trying to apply to my writing. It’s not easy though. Still, I hope with each new criticism I can become more open and apply any good advice or suggestions. With that in mind, I’ve recently purchased “Shadows Beneath the Writing Excuses Anthology”¬† – original fiction and behind the scenes look from four amazing authors. Brandon Sanderson is a favorite of mine and how I became aware of this book. It provides a peek into the editing process – and I can’t wait to delve in.

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