Diet Soda Dislike

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This is not a rant about the taste of diet soda, although I am sure many a post by others covers that topic. No, that is not what I want to talk about today. Rather, I am unhappy with the effects diet soda has on people and yet the continued way in which it is consumed…by loved ones…by co-workers…by children across US. Hell, I’ll even feel bad for you skinny model types who drink it.

Diet soda has many studies proving the ill side effects of drinking even 2 cans per day (which many, many people easily do). That’s less than one big gulp.

It affects kidney, weight gain, alcohol consumption into blood stream, bone density, rotting teeth,  and alergic reactions to the mold inhibitors included in the diet soda.

Please stop drinking these horrible liquid life suckers.

That is all.

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