Middle of a Move

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Thoughts I’ve had during this move. 

  • Wow, this apartment is so big…I’m lonely. 
  • Look, stuff I haven’t seen for two years, awwww. 
  • Look, stuff I haven’t seen for two years. Why do I have this? 
  • Look stuff I haven’t seen…um…my goodness…how much stuff does one person need?
  • Do I like this new rug? I love it. No, no, I’m not sure. Yes. Yes I do like it. 
  • What’s that noise? and that noise? and those sirens? and what’s that now? 
  • Week later: Oh, I just noticed, I don’t notice the sirens now. I’m getting used to the noises.
  • Gas stove? Um, I’ve never used one. Will I blow up the place? Is it safe to leave me unsupervised with this?
  • Every room has windows. Every room. I shall bathing in the sunlight every day like a glorious ritual sun-goddess. 

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