Time to Coffee Up

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I’ve had my espresso machine for almost seven years, and use it every day. I’d say it’s been worth the money! Sadly now, both my grinder (which I’ve had just as long) is wearing out, and it’s time to level up. Anyone have recommendations on the best espresso grinder? 

The world holding its breath…

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This week is a long one as everyone is waiting to hear the outcome of the election. Tension is high, and I feel like I can’t breathe. Anyone else? 

Beach Sunset

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Since moving to California it’s been difficult to make new friends. Pandemic and all that. So it was nice when a neighbor called out to me on the balcony and asked if I wanted to go with her and another neighbor to watch the sunset on the beach. We live only half a block away!… More

Animal Crossing Halloween Party

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I spent all of October decorating my island, and have been collecting costumes since the summer. I love dressing up, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. But this year, with Covid-19 there won’t be any in person events. So I decided to host a Halloween Party on my island. It was fun! I… More

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Thank You Ruth

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I have had my own independent checking account all my life. Thank you, Ruth! My sister bought her first home, all on her own. Thank you, Ruth! My friends were able to have babies AND keep their jobs, they weren’t forced to choose between them. Thank you, Ruth! I am thankful for all that you’ve… More

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Collecting Costumes

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I’m going to host a Halloween Party in Animal Crossing this year and give away free costumes…Here are a few I’ve been collecting! 

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Melons and Kiwi Instrument

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This guy made a keyboard out of melons and kiwi – and actually plays it! Check it out! https://cutt.ly/9gUFNxZ

Peace Talks Butcher Style

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Beach reading – Love Jim Butcher and The Dresden Files series. Here is a picture of me and how I read…  

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Indy500 and Chili Dogs

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My boyfriend and I had chili dogs and watched the Indy 500 in my tiny little apartment! I’d never watched it before, super fun! I’ve been watching F1 here and there, so starting to learn more about racing. 

Am I my Mother?

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I’ve been in my new apartment – which is SMALL studio for 3 months now. Its a tiny beachside Motel that was converted to apartments, and I love it. I have a view of the beach (although small), and I’m on the private side of the building, with only two neighbors to the right of… More