Writing Critique Group I Can’t Live Without

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For the past two months I’ve done nothing but work on my submission to agents and editors. Since I pitched my book and have requests for up to fifty pages, this was no small task. I couldn’t have done it without my critique group. No matter how well I thought I’d written a scene, every person had some suggestion on how to improve it. Today I’m finally going to send out my submission and reaching this milestone has me reflecting on the people who made me a better writer, specifically my critique group. These are the folks who are willing to listen to rough scenes, and read through okay scenes, and push me to wring out a fabulous scene by nit-picking on the details.

Not only do I get their wonderful advice, suggestions, and feedback, I get something even more valuable, their encouragement. We share articles on writing, we share stories of frustration, confusion, accomplishments, and joy.

We give each other high-fives, hugs, and alcohol.

I couldn’t have done it without them, and if you are an aspiring writer, I can’t recommend enough for you to find some similar folks to share this unique artistic journey with, because who else will understand the challenges of word count and echoing?

Thanks to all those who’ve given me critiques – you make me a better writer, and a better person.

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