Renewed Faith in Humanity

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Sandy Hook shook me, so horrible and terrifying. I was a teacher for five years and can’t imagine going through that experience, or being as brave as many of those teachers and children were that day. It depressed me. Even further due to a shooting near my home that took place in a public restaurant. I started to doubt where our world was going, where the United States was going. All the arguing back and forth about gun control, all the frustrations and anger voiced. It was fine that people were having dialogues, but it depressed me that it had come to this, this point. Just as I started to wonder if I wanted to go to the movies again or be in public spaces (was it too dangerous now?) I received this month’s National Geographic which highlighted some amazing people. These were world travelers, each with a different story but a theme in common…traveling to connect with others, to learn from others and to share their experiences. This was hope! This was a demonstration of the good in people, and the nature of people that I wanted more of, I wanted to grow and spread and be what we focus on. Not on the few misguided, demented, or tormented ones – although they too should be acknowledged – but not to the degree we forget there are so many more beautiful people out there doing good for others. Doing good for humankind.

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