Wanted to meet Spike Lee

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Third day of cupcake eating. I don’t think I will want cake for a long time.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. We watched The Help last night to honor the day. It was a great movie. JH was resistant at first, he thought it would be a chick flick and wasn’t in the mood. I talked him into it, and afterwards he said he was glad, that the movie was very good, and well done. It has been a long time since I’ve thought about or studied that time period of history, and it was a good reminder of the challenges and adversity faced by the black community. It makes me sad because I know there is still conflicts which occur across America. I was also supposed to go see Spike Lee speak at Microsoft, but due to the snow and my car not being a vehicle I could count on in ice I decided to stay home. I will never forget the first time I saw Do The Right Thing – it was while taking a summer class during college, and the professor was from Stanford as an exchange program (I was still in Seattle at SPU). I loved it because I felt it gave me some insight into the world my father grew up in while in New York. I really wanted to meet Spike Lee and hear him speak

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