Game Play Differences

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I am driving JH nuts with my game play. First of all my camera does swing a bit wild (look at sky, look at ground, move 90 degrees left, etc). I won’t admit it to him but I realize I am rusty. Duh. I don’t play games all the time, not like most of the guys I know. And just because I didn’t notice the swords on the wall, but focused on the cool broom I was tempted to pick up, doesn’t mean I can’t play well and kick some dragon ass. Yeah I know, I want to keep all the cute boots/dresses/ and clothing which don’t do anything for my armor rating…but what do you expect? I have to have something to wear when I’m wandering around town talking to the merchants. Sigh, why doesn’t he understand? He keeps telling me to drop stuff. No way! Meanwhile, I’m leveling up my sneak and bow/archery skills. The archery is in honor of The Hunger Games. It’s working very well.

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