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Today’s research: How to Fight Multiple Attackers & Throwing Techniques. Which is completely different from last week’s research: Men’s Hairstyles, including Fades.

I never know what I’ll be researching from day to day. Glad I’m not writing a thriller, otherwise could end up on some “list”. With Fantasy and Science Fiction the type of topics I research is varied. And by research I mean “Google” or “YouTube”. LOL. I do reach out to experts on occasion and am creating an excel spreadsheet of people who are knowledgeable in their field.

For example one of my main characters is…well…a bit two dimensional. Some might say I’m not writing her as well rounded, but I consulted a psychologist and got a diagnose for my character. She’s real. Fully possible. And that’s why I like consulting with experts.

If you are a writer, have fun with your research. Learn new tidbits of information you can drop at a party. Like what temperature fluctuations occur as a dead body cools or heats up (depending on what phase of decomposition it’s going through), the difference between how roman soldiers fought with knives and how the modern soldier uses them, or what kind of poisons are untraceable as you pour another glass of wine for your guest.

Okay, I’m not writing a thriller, but I did take Forensics 101 for research. Why not? Like I said, research is FUN!

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