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I’m working on several series at the moment: ¬†SciFi/Fantasy, Tween-Urban Fantasy, and a futuristic Mystery series (SciFi as well?). My first book is almost 2/3 rds complete. but it has taken so long to write that I’m not sure it’s my best work. I will finish it as a project of love, of course, and still intend on publishing it…but I wish I had more time to focus. Right now due to my Microsoft duties I only have a few hours per week to dedicate to writing. It’s just not enough. Still, I feel lucky to have amazing resources at my fingertips. A friend who is an editor¬† – granted for dry British documentary type historic books…but none the less an editor. And the opportunity for Jerry at Penny-Arcade to read my novel and provide feedback. Although to be fair, I feel like I have a circle of strong readers/writers to also provide me feedback. Lucky girl indeed! As for digital publishing, I’ve heard both sides of the coin…and while I am fearful of the worst, I can only hope for the best. One step in front of the other, right? As I get closer to publishing my novel I promise to keep you posted. Right now I need to finish five more chapters – will most likely take until April…and then round of reading feedback…then finish up the book. Once my first draft is complete I expect to go into rounds of revision for 3-5 months…with the goal to publish this next Fall! Fall 2013.

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