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Was in a car accident on July 1st. Slowed down into a turn and was rear-ended from behind. Hard enough my car wouldn’t drive…My poor brand new mini cooper crunched and the metal underbody near the rear tire bent/broke. It took a while for the insurance agency of the driver to figure out I wasn’t joking about the inability to drive the car. A police officer came to the scene and witnessed the immobility of the vehicle. Still the agency had me return the rental car they at first were providing, but then decided wasn’t necessary. They asked for it back during the 4th of July Holiday! I had family staying from out of town all that week too. The pain was terrible in my neck, so bad I couldn’t hold my head up and had to lie down all day…ice the neck…sleep…take aspirin. I couldn’t do all the fun stuff family had planned – no picnics, no playing at the park, no board games, no cooking meals for the family, etc…They were sweet, patient and helpful, but I was so frustrated. Please, please, when you are driving watch what you are doing…be aware of the person in front of you…and leave lots of space in-between!

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