Turned a Corner

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Finally, I’ve turned a corner in my writing. I’ve worked diligently, if not consistently, and improved my writing skills. Beta readers notice. Those who’ve seen my earlier scenes written almost two years ago and compare them to a current scene comment on the improvement. This means I’ve turned a corner! Scenes are written cleaner from the start, they incorporate gesture, emotion, setting, descriptions, and tighter dialogue. That doesn’t mean I don’t need constant feedback and revision. Alas! Such is the burden of any author. That’s okay, as long as I know I’m improving, that’s all that I need to keep going.


Book One: 44,000 words


Book Two: 53, 789 words


Tinkar’s Adventures coming soon* to a digital platform near you!
*soon meaning a blink of an eye or a thousand years depending on interpretation.

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