Rum and Bones (Arrrggghhh, Matey)

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Rum and Bones is the latest game I’ve become addicted to playing. It took us three hours the first time, with set up, rules to learn, and strategy implementation. My SO grabbed this via a kickstarter and ever since it came through the door we’ve happily played on the weekends. There are a ton of figures – mostly who are cannon fodder (literally since there is a cannon you shoot each time you get a turn!), plus some badass figures who have their own background story included. I like the stories. I also like the special abilities each character has, although some are definitely more powerful than others.

When you get the core game there are two factions you can play…and two ships on the board. You can purchase more pirates and some of these mercenaries can fight for either side (as mercenaries tend to do…it’s always about the money).

The first three times we played I wanted an all female crew, so used a mercenary kit – but I was disappointed in that the women didn’t seem as powerful as the counterpart crew I was fighting against. Even my SO agreed, the balance was off. So I’ve had to substitute back in some of the more powerful male pirates. This is the only aspect I find frustrating so far with this game.

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