Hospitals: The Place to Read The Hunger Games

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I’ve been trying to get my sister to read The Hunger Games for almost six months. I finally gave her a copy to read, but that was months ago. What do I see when I get to the hospital to check in on mom – my little sis reading The Hunger Games finally! Mom says all the girls just come to hang out to read, get on their computers and surf, and do their nails. Well duh of course! And there is the occasional arranging her pillows, getting her water, chasing the nurses down for meds, writing every word down they say, making sure she eats, helping her if she needs to move, and well just generally taking care of her. She knows all this but still likes to tease us. She had the surgery and is recuperating. It went well. We are hopful this time the recovery will stick and she can finally go home. Apparently she made all the surgens agree to do shots of tequila with her once it’s all done. That’s my mom!

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