Halloween Theme

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My friends hosted a fun Halloween party! Countless creative ideas on “Your Worst Nightmare” theme! I dressed up as Bella from Twilight – since I don’t like boring female protagonists. I had the same backpack as Bella and a wig of long brown hair. For work I picked something more interesting, and dressed up as a witch. I had this great wig and make-up on…it was fun. Everyone at worked looked at me several times because I was so made up. Back to the party some of my favorite costumes: one guy had an empty toilet paper roll hanging from his neck…another was dressed as a clown with throw-up all down her front, she says clowns and throwing up are her worst nightmares so she incorporated both into her costume! There was someone all in seaweed and dead looking (drowned), and another person as Satan. The decorations were out of this world. There was numerous decorations that I didn’t realize I had missed some until looking at pictures…including the HUGE spider on the ceiling up in the stairwell. Quick note: I made it to the end table for poker, but had the smallest stack of chips so didn’t last long. Rock Band 3 was fun and I got to sing a lot which is what I like.

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