Geek Girl Con – application for panel – Escaping Golden Handcuffs

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I’m so excited, Geek Girl Con has opened their applications for panels. I plan to submit one this week. I don’t know if they will accept it, but I’ll keep you all posted. Even if our panel isn’t accepted – it’s well worth attending as there will be lots of great panels and items to purchase and workshops. Check it out and get your passes today! (see link by clicking on the title of this story)

It will be called “Escaping Golden Handcuffs”.  A panel of women who’ve all worked in the video game industry, most who’ve been at large companies – and all who, for one reason or another, have left to pursue their dreams. Taken risks – left good paying jobs or careers – to try something new. Are investing in themselves, creatively, energy wise, etc. One woman created her own start-up video game company, another pursued being a published author, another started her own web blog design company. There are plenty of stories about risks, challenges, and successes that will be shared – if we get accepted! Fingers crossed.

Is this a panel you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments – would love to hear your thoughts.

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