Donate from my own Personal Collection

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I can’t believe December is here. I’ve been Christmas shopping like mad. Over Thanksgiving weekend my mom and I spent five hours on Friday and three hours on Saturday doing Xmas shopping. My ankle gave me hell, I was limping by the end of the day. I didn’t tell my mom, but her speed was just fine by me…slow and steady, because had she been feeling well and her usual self I don’t think I could have kept up. While I am doing lots of shopping for loved ones, I’m also looking for ways to give too. Especially with the economy so bad. JH and I are doing a few Giving Tree gifts…and I’ve decided to do a collection in order to buy an Xbox 360 + Kinect for the Family Renewal Shelter in Tacoma, a domestic violence shelter to help families. I figure the kids need something to do besides read and play board games, and I’ve got a stack of video games I am going to donate from my own personal collection. We’ve raised enough money for me to make the purchase…and I’m so excited to be able to do this and hopefully provide some fun to kids who need it.

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