Dispair and Elation

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This weekend our cat went missing. It turns out he decided to play all night, and not come home until the wee hours. He came to the door around 6:00am and when we didn’t let him in immediately, he took off and stayed out all day, not returning until 9:00pm. Let me say first of all we try very hard to keep our cat inside. We believe cat’s lives are shortened by the many dangers they can face outside…from cars on the road, to raccoons and other wild animals, to the possibility of getting lost. But our cat is an escape artists…and everyone knows you can’t keep a talented escape artist locked away for long.


I sunk into despair, believing he was gone for good. He always comes to our calls, and all day we looked for him, calling out to him and searching under every rock and bush. The silence wad deafening. No little bell, no trilling meow. My heart felt heavy and I cried several times throughout the day. My heart sang the moment we heard his little cry at the door. A prodigal cat, returning home.


I’m glad to report, he did come home. And I can’t tell you how light I feel…even the next day. Having a beloved creature missing is so hard and it made me think about families who have missing loved ones. Not knowing what happened, where they are… What I felt was only a glimmer of their sorry and hurt. My thoughts go out to anyone missing a loved one. Although I know it doesn’t always happen, I still will hope that anyone in that situation will have as happy of an ending as we did. LordVader

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