Birthday Hangover Should Have Skipped the Hanky-Panky

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The Diller Room was a success, so much so I have a hangover today! We took over the back of the bar, there was plenty of space and while we drove the waitress nuts jumping from booth to booth she was very nice about it and we all had fun. The conversations varied between Space Mermaids, Meat Windows, and Bridget Jone’s Diary like introductions (the good kind). I think the Hanky-Panky sent me over the edge, or it could have been that last tequila shot. Anyway, wasn’t able to make it to writing group today because of it. Although I was able to make the Skype session with my friends Faith and Carol. Faith lives in London, so we try to set up these Skype chats monthly. It really is a good idea and worth doing if you have any loved ones living long distance I highly recommend trying it.

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