Animal Crossing Halloween Party

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I spent all of October decorating my island, and have been collecting costumes since the summer. I love dressing up, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. But this year, with Covid-19 there won’t be any in person events. So I decided to host a Halloween Party on my island. It was fun! I had a wheel people would spin and depending on what it landed on – they either received a costume (I had everything from pirate, to a large egg, to ballerina, to farmer, etc.) or a firework, or a balloon…there were lots of prizes and people could spin the wheel as much as they wanted. 

On the beach I set up a large musical instrument area, where we all grabbed an instrument and played – and performed a concert of sorts! It was chaotic and fun, running around changing instruments and all giving the large grand piano and drum set a try. I’m totally going to do this again next year! 

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