Am I my Mother?

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I’ve been in my new apartment – which is SMALL studio for 3 months now. Its a tiny beachside Motel that was converted to apartments, and I love it. I have a view of the beach (although small), and I’m on the private side of the building, with only two neighbors to the right of me. A new person moved in at the end, and now all kinds of people go back and forth from her apartment to the stairs down and out to the parking lot which means past my windows. Also my surfer dude who lives right next to me has gotten an almost-live in girlfriend + has bros all the time who come surf with him, etc..>I think he now has 3 people living in his tiny place (if you include his girl)…I find myself thinking…and watching…and my mind is like WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE…and WHY CAN’T THEY BE MORE next thought is MY GOD I’M TURNING INTO MY MOTHER.


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