Happy 4th of July

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Woke up in near panic as I realized one bag of groceries never made it from the trunk of my car to the kitchen. There was a nagging feeling…where did those Izze’s go? But I shrugged it off figuring that they could wait to be put into the fridge until the next day. What I forgot was the one bag of groceries still waiting for me, my luscious steaks we planned to grill, the bacon that was intended for this morning, waiting and by the time I got to them DOA. I had to throw the steaks, bacon, potato salad, and cream out. What a waste! I don’t usually do something like this (I promise! Just ask JH) so I have no idea what got into me and how I was distracted from the task at hand. Looks like I’m headed to the grocery store again today even though it wasn’t in the plans. Still, we will have wonderful steaks for dinner an enjoy our quiet 4th of July. Happy 4th everyone.

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