Author Page

I’ve been writing for over a decade and just now ready to send my work out into the world.

I took two years off from Microsoft Studios Xbox to pursue writing full time. When I left, I had  2/3rd of a first draft. Then a brilliant person pointed out how too much backstory meant I needed a first novel. What I had in hand was book two. At this point, I realized I was in over my head and signed up for the UW writing certificate program.

Once I finished school I returned to my video game career and balance that with my writing.

Hope & Languish: Poems is coming out November 17, a book about life in California for the first year of the pandemic as seen through one person’s eyes. Mine.

Wingbound: Book One Color Magic Series is coming out Spring 2022

Where a spunky young woman gains magical powers that she needs to learn to control before anyone is hurt or worse, but will she succeed when her own mentor hates her, her love betrays her, and the price of controlling her powers is too high? 

Phantom: Book Two Color Magic Series is currently at 55,000 word count

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @chenelleb, or stop by and click on the writing category in posts to pull up my latest progress.